139+ Cute Pug Names for the Best Little Canine in the House!

Pugs are massive packets of cute and adorable energy stored in a tiny body. These little canines are an absolute joy to live with, and when welcoming one home, you will need all the pug names you can find!

Finding the perfectly unique name for a member of this dog breed may prove to be a little difficult, but that’s what we are here for. Check out our list of the best possible names for pugs.

Your furry friend is already cute, and they might have the potential to become Insta-famous for their antics! This calls for a name that suits their cuteness and their fame. Here are 100 pug name ideas for those of you who want to keep both your options open.

1.     Chloe

2.     Molly

3.     Oliver

4.     Lucy

5.     Max

6.     Frank

7.     Otis

8.     Winston

9.     Harley

10.   Daisy

11.   Stella

12.   Louie

13.   Cookie

14.   Lulu

15.   Lily

16.   Olive

17.   Rosie

18.   Buddy

19.   Biscuit

20.   Frankie

21.   Luna

22.   Sophie

23.   Bella

24.   Teddy

25.   Zoey

26.   Coco

27.   Bruno

28.   Rocky

29.   Bailey

30.   Leo

31.   Lola

32.   Charlie

33.   Maggie

34.   Ollie

35.   Tucker

36.   Yoda

37.   Rocco

38.   Hazel

39.   Izzy

40.   Gus

41.   Toby

42.   Jack

43.   Buster

44.   Peanut

45.   Penelope

46.   Nala

47.   Pepper

48.   Bentley

49.   Gracie

50.   Gizmo

51.   Milo

52.   Ruby

53.   Bean

54.   Pug

55.   Sammy

56.   George

57.   Sadie

58.   Bear

59.   Ellie

60.   Millie

61.   Pearl

62.   Chico

63.   Dexter

64.   Zoe

65.   Stanley

66.   Roxy

67.   Pugsley

68.   Henry

69.   Cooper

70.   Jax

71.   Moose

72.   Tank

73.   Fiona

74.   Abby

75.   Boomer

76.   Hank

77.   Mia

78.   Penny

79.   Winnie

80.   Poppy

81.   Piper

82.   Walter

83.   Jake

84.   Bruce

85.   Apollo

86.   Zeus

87.   Ziggy

88.   Princess

89.   Emma

90.   Benji

91.   Benny

92.   Minnie

93.   Chewie

94.   Oscar

95.   Missy

96.   Layla

97.   Louis

98.   Mabel

99.   Maya

100. Remy

Top 10 Male Pug Names

Matching the name to your puppy’s loveable features or traits is one way of going about naming the male pugs. Following is a recommended list of the top 10 names that would suit your buddy!

1.   Boots

2.   Cupid

3.   Jellybean

4.   Gordo

5.   Frankie

6.   Elmo

7.   Max

8.   Otis

9.   Rocky

10.   Oliver

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Top 10 Female Pug Names

When exploring female pug names, always take into account their unique features, personality, likes and dislikes, and appearance. The right names will only add to their overflowing charm.





5Lily / Lilly

6Zoey / Zoe





Top 10 Boy Pug Names

Every Pug pup is a little boy just waiting for his owner to select the best version from an extensive list of appropriate dog names. Check out the following to take your pick.











Top 10 Girl Pug Names

Girl Pugs are adorable and cute. They deserve to have their name picked from a list of the best dog names. Here are a few for you to look at:











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Pug Names for the Little Baby with the Best Smile

How to Name Your Pug

Are you wondering what some good pug names are and how dog parents select the perfect ones for their own? Here’s a guide to help you pick the best name for your little friend.

1. Pick a Short Name

Pugs are a short dog breed when they are puppies but also when they are adults. So, you should try to match that to the name you give them. Make sure you opt for short names during the shortlisting process to be left with the most appropriate ones.

2. Use Nicknames

Just like with every loved one, your pup will also need a cute nickname. The nickname should ideally be a variation of their name to prevent them from getting confused about who you’re calling.

3. Practice Repeating the Names

The only way to make the name stick is by repeating your pug’s name in front of them several times. This action will help them register that the name is their own and they will slowly learn to respond to it accordingly.

4. Avoid Embarrassing Names

One of the worst things dog owners do is give them an embarrassing name. Your pug will probably not know what you have done, but that is still no excuse for giving your furry friend a name you know is embarrassing in general.

5. Life Stages

Although pugs continue to look like cute little puppies no matter how old they get, Pug parents should generally try to choose names that they will be able to carry through the several stages of life they encounter. The name should not give off an ancient or completely childlike vibe.

We hope you enjoyed checking out our list of the best pug names and have a favorite that you will be given to the newest member of your family. We are confident your little pug will love the name and bring a tremendous amount of joy to you!

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