32 Excellent Puppy Gifts (2021)

When it comes to surprising a new puppy owner, you can’t go wrong with puppy gifts. They are perfect for any occasion and holiday, from birthdays to Valentine’s day. Puppy Christmas gifts are absolutely irresistible! If you’re a fur parent, you might even want to celebrate your doggo’s first birthday too. Read on for a wide variety of present ideas! 


BUIBIIU Dog - puppy gifts

This item is a lovely gift to welcome a new puppy. Such a brilliant puppy present will come in handy when the pooch starts teething and needs something to chew on. This toy is a certified pup favorite! Just remember to keep chewers in a separate basket and regularly disinfect them.

2. Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush

squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush - puppy gifts

A playful fur baby deserves such delightful presents on their birthday. A lovely border collie would be challenged and stimulated by this adorable puppy gift for hours on end. It is gentle to the teeth and great for a small pooch. The squirrels are so soft and cute that your furry friend won’t ever want to let go of them!

3. Holiday Scarf

Holiday Scarf - puppy gifts

With Christmas comes the winter season. A cute scarf is irresistible, as well as timely. This holiday accessory, which is one of the best gift ideas, makes it to the list of boxer puppy gifts. With the perfect size, the boxer will look adorable in whatever color this puppy gift comes in. Such a fantastic gift for a new puppy is ideal for shielding them from inclement weather. 

4. BSEEN LED Collar

BSEEN LED Collar - puppy gifts

Looking for gifts for a friend’s new puppy? An LED collar is a nice and unique puppy gift. This fact is especially true for a bull terrier who is more independent than most other dogs. It fits medium to large dogs, but you can adjust it to your pup’s size. This item is one of the best presents for dog pals that enjoy night walks. It provides safety and visibility.

5. Box Basket for Favorite Canine

Box Basket for Favorite Canine - puppy gifts

When looking for the ideal puppy gift for Christmas, try a dog gift box. This package comes with an assortment of yummy and nutritious treats. Not only is it super thoughtful, it has a myriad of items that are attractive to almost all dog breeders. The basket is one of the most practical new puppy parent gifts suitable for all holidays.

6. Blanket

Blanket - puppy gifts

As new dog owners, you can cozy up with your pup under a super soft throw during the winter. You can also make the blanket a puppy themed gift, as it is customizable. Don’t worry if your doggo doesn’t like cuddling under it. This item could also serve as the perfect present from puppy to owner! 

7. Dog Bed

dog bed - puppy gifts

This puppy gift comes with a cover attached to it, making it extra warm and cozy. Such gift ideas can be useful for a pup and a pup’s adult parent to accommodate more than one pet. Husky dogs endure the blistering cold during the day. However, this practical gift for a puppy will ensure your doggo’s warmth each night. 

8. Fur Fetcher De-Shedder Brush

Fur Fetcher De-Shedder Brush - puppy gifts

If you’re searching for the best gifts for new puppy owners, how about getting them this brush? Most new parents who are not used to grooming their furry friends find this present to be perfect. It removes more than thrice the fur than the standard brush without harming your doggo’s skin. 

9. Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister

Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister - puppy gifts

As far as birthday gift ideas are concerned, this pet bowl set is as practical as it gets. Your pup will enjoy treats from it after enjoying their serious puppy training session. What’s even better is that these puppy pawprint gifts come in different shapes and sizes to suit your pup’s needs. 

10. Custom Photo Canvas

Custom Photo Canvas - puppy gifts

Who doesn’t know that dogs are the best companion animals for humans? That said, when shopping for a unique new dog gift, try taking the old school route – a picture. Customize this canvas with a pic of the happy pooch or one of the cute pup and their mommy. What better way to say happy holidays to your girlfriend than with this personalized gift for new puppy moms? It’s among moms dog gifts for dog lovers.

11. Cup Paw Cleaner

Cup Paw Cleaner - puppy gifts

Did you recently become a fur parent? It’s vital to note that young and over-excited pups quickly get dirty, thanks to their playful traits. That said, how about getting them great grand puppy gifts to ensure your dog enjoys wash time. It may not seem like a magnificent gift, but it is easy to use and cheaper than you would imagine. 

12. Poop Bags

Poop Bags - puppy gifts

Let’s be honest. Dog poop has an unpleasant smell. That said, most people may want to disguise their pooches’ poop smell. Grab yourself these handy bags infused with a lavender scent. Not only do these bags make excellent gifts for a puppy shower, but they are useful in masking nasty smells! Lastly, they are leak-proof, so you can be comfortable wherever you are.  

13. Mini Candle Set

Mini Candle Set - puppy gifts

This mini candle set is a terrific gift for people who have a puppy. Although some may find them a tad tiny, they still bring enough freshness into any size home. It’s perfect for the holidays when having guests, or even on any other ordinary day. Fortunately, the scent is not too overpowering that your grandpa would be irritated by it!

14. Tennis Ball Blaster

Tennis Ball Blaster - puppy gifts

Is your niece in love with dogs? You’ll find no better puppy birthday gift for a little girl than this tennis ball blaster. Of all her presents, she will surely appreciate the opportunity to start training her dog without getting overly exhausted. Although it may seem like a funny gift, even adults will enjoy indulging in this puppy gift.

15. Hat Crocheted Snood

Hat Crocheted Snood - puppy gifts

Have you been searching for the perfect warming gifts ideas for cold Christmas winters, to no avail? Search no more! What better gift than this gorgeous knitted accessory? It will certainly keep your pup’s head toasty. Plus, it also serves as a fantastic welcome new puppy gift for dog lovers. You can even get a matching sweater and take adorable pictures.

16. Muzzle

Muzzle - puppy gifts

German shepherds are known to chew on anything in sight when bored. This habit can be annoying to dog owners, especially where shoes are concerned. Thankfully, this adjustable muzzle ensures the safety of both visitors and household items at all times. It’s a personalized puppy gift that is essential for German shepherd owners and other similar breeds. 

17. Bodysuit

bodysuit - puppy gifts

Do you have a friend whose dog just gave birth? How about getting him these cute newborn puppy gifts. This fantastic bodysuit is available in different sizes, meaning that you can get them for older puppies as well. The pawprint design is so lovely that even your kids will want to match with their beloved new pets. 

18. Custom Photo Plaque

Custom Photo Plaque  - puppy gifts

They say that all we need is love and a dog. This statement is massively popular among pup lovers. Why not gift your special lady with this awesome masterpiece? Such photo plaques make cute gifts for a woman with a new puppy. Be it Valentine’s Day or her birthday. Any female dog enthusiast would be happy to receive this puppy gift.

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19. Ornament

Ornament - puppy gifts

Have you been wondering how to incorporate your new doggo into the family tree? How about getting yourself an ornament with your furry friend’s picture? Christmas is the perfect time to buy gifts for puppy enthusiasts. Celebrate your friends and your new pup’s life! Remember to make this brilliant dog ornament the star of your Christmas tree!

20. Potty Bells

Potty Bells - puppy gifts

These puppy care gifts will aid in the successful training of your furry baby. This particular grand puppy gift comes in a set, and puppy parent pals can benefit significantly from it. Not only are they adjustable, but such presents are a grand gesture to the pet owner. They will save the new dow parents from the dreaded task of manual potty training. 

21. Furminator Nail Grinder

Furminator Nail Grinder - puppy gifts

Gifts for a new puppy owner include items they can use for puppy care. A new nail grinder comes in handy when dealing with our furry friends. This practical tool makes the grooming process painless and efficient. You can give your pooch a much-needed pawdicure in the comfort of your own home!

22. IRIS USA, Inc. Pet Playpen Exercise 24 Panel Door

IRIS USA, Inc. Pet Playpen Exercise 24 Panel Door - puppy gifts

The best gift for a new puppy is to give them their own space within your home. These sturdy playpens make awesome welcome home gifts that are sure to get your pet feeling nice and secure. This playpen will make a handy gift for the first pet puppy for a novice dog owner.

23. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers - puppy gifts

Gifts for new puppy moms and dads are best when they are functional. For first-time puppy owners, funny puppy gifts help them create memorable moments with their furry friends. This launch ball will help your dog learn how to play fetch. It is also a perfect present for a small pooch.

24. Pet Training and Puppy Pads

Pet Training and Puppy Pads - puppy gifts

These pads are super absorbent, ensuring no leaking and tracking. They make good gifts for new puppy owners as they help make potty training less messy for newborn pups. Where space is limited, they are ideal for letting your dog sit on to dry after a nice puppy shower. The best thing is that they’ll keep your home mess-free!  

25. Smartphone Holder

Smartphone Holder - puppy gifts

Did your family get a new Golden retriever puppy? How about getting this cute smartphone holder in celebration of his arrival? Not only will it serve as phone décor, but it’s also great at protecting your device. Without a doubt, these smartphone holders make great gifts for a golden puppy owner during the holidays!

26. Photo Collage Pillow

Photo Collage Pillow - puppy gifts

Here’s a great item to honor your furry friends. Celebrate the good memories you have shared with your young pups and create a collage pillow with photos of you. How about mixing things up by including pictures from your first year together to the present time? Such grand puppy gifts also serve as unique gifts to welcome a new puppy.

27. Custom Photo Mug

Custom Photo Mug - puppy gifts

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for your mom but can’t seem to find anything appropriate? Personalized gifts for puppy moms don’t get any more adorable than this. Surprise her with this cute mug customized with pictures of her furry friend. Don’t be surprised to find it standing next to your mom’s precious collectibles.

28. Golden Retriever Card

Golden Retriever Card - puppy gifts

This puppy themed gift makes a lovely gesture for the new grad in your family! Get it as a gift for someone who got a new puppy recently as a graduation present! Pet lovers who’ve had Golden retrievers as their first pet will appreciate the gesture behind this cute puppy gift.

29. Photo Acrylic Tumbler

Photo Acrylic Tumbler - puppy gifts

New pet owners are always open to unique puppy related gifts. This daddy photo acrylic tumbler is one of the best gift ideas for a confident fur parent. Not only is it customizable, but it’s also a favorite among dog dads.

30. Cutie Sweatshirt

Cutie Sweatshirt - puppy gifts

Is your girlfriend obsessed with dogs? This sweatshirt will make cute presents for your special lady. It is also the best gift to give expecting puppy owners. In other words, this item is perfect for anyone whose world revolves around dogs. New dog owners can express their love for their new pups through such adorable puppy gifts. 

31. DIVA Pinback Button

DIVA Pinback Button - puppy gifts

This pinback button is ideal as a puppy birthday gift for a little girl. More so, for a girl who owns a Chihuahua. These trendy accessories can also serve as remember puppy gifts. If you’ve been searching for a good gift for a friend with a puppy, look no further!  

32. Tug Toy

TUG TOY - puppy gifts

Pet owners looking for training materials and toys for their pets would treasure this tug toy. It is a brilliant item used to enhance intelligence and submissiveness in dogs. It is the perfect gift for the serious puppy that enjoys training sessions more than meaningless play. 

Caring for puppies is, in many ways, similar to raising your own children. People get to love their furry babies so much they want to fill them with smooches and many puppy gifts. Hopefully, this comprehensive list will give you unique ideas to surprise your favorite doggos and their owners! Happy shopping!

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