121+ Creative Russian Dog Names With Meanings

Whether your pup is a traditional Russian breed or not, Russian dog names are a beautiful choice. Some owners might prefer Italian dog names for their Siberian Husky or Black Russian Terrier.

But your Borzoi or Samoyed have long histories as Russian dog breeds, and that heritage deserves to be honored. Russia has a long history and influential culture. Our list of top dog names takes from food, geography, popular culture, and more.

From brand-new puppies to distinguished rescue pooches, this guide to cool Russian names meets all your needs. So take a look, do a little research, and pick the best Slavic doggo name for your furbaby. You and your perfectly-named pup will thank us! 

Many of these names aren’t heard very often at the dog park, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

Russian Names for Female Dogs

Celebrate your sweet little girl dog with a beautiful Russian name. All of these cool Russian dog names for female pups are elegant, and many have Russian pet names or diminutives. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices!   

  1. Adelaida – Noble kind
  2. Alexandra – Protector of man
  3. Alina – Beautiful
  4. Anastasia – Resurrection
  5. Anna – Favor
  6. Anya – Strength
  7. Alyona – Light
  8. Calina – Snowball tree
  9. Evgenia – Noble
  10. Galina – Serenity
  11. Katerina – Pure
  12. Kira – Ruler
  13. Lada – Goddess of beauty, love and marriage
  14. Darya – Kingly or the sea
  15. Elena – Shining light
  16. Irina – Peace
  17. Ksenia – Hospitable
  18. Margosha – Pearl
  19. Nadia – Hope
  20. Olga – Holy
  21. Sonia – Wisdom
  22. Lubov – Love
  23. Natalia – Christmas Day
  24. Karina – Pure
  25. Oksana – Praise God
  26. Masha – Star of the sea
  27. Marina – Marine, related with the sea
  28. Mila – Gracious or dear
  29. Polina – Little Stone
  30. Faina – Light
  31. Svetlana – Luminescent
  32. Yulia – Youthful​
  33. Valeriya – Strong
  34. Ksana – Praise be to God
  35. Lapa – Darling
  36. Nina – Grace
  37. Vera – Faith
  38. Sveta – Saint
  39. Viktoriya – Viktoriya
  40. Panya – Crowned with laurels
  41. Natasha – Birthday of the Lord
  42. Nochka – Night
  43. Raiya – Heaven
  44. Tanya – Fairy Queen
  45. Tatiana – Fairy princess

Russian Names for Male Dogs

Your tough little boy pooch needs a dignified name to match his personality. Some of the best Russian names are the classic boys’ names on this list. So browse these names with meanings and have fun choosing a doggo name!    

  1. Aleksandr – Defender of mankind
  2. Anatoly – Sunrise
  3. Andrei – Manly
  4. Artem – Healthy, sound, wholesome
  5. Aleksei – Defender
  6. Anton – Highly praiseworthy
  7. Boris – Fighter
  8. Dima – Strong fighter
  9. Daniil – God Is My Judge
  10. Dmitry – Follower of Demeter
  11. Yevgeny – Well-born, noble
  12. Feliks – Lucky
  13. Fyodor – Gift of god
  14. Grigory – Watchful
  15. Igor – Warrior
  16. Ivan – God is gracious
  17. Konstantin – Firm, constant
  18. Luka – Light
  19. Nikolai – Victorious or conqueror of the people
  20. Pyotr – Rock
  21. Oleg – Holy
  22. Grom – Thunder
  23. Vladimir – Of great power, ruler of the world
  24. Kirill – Master
  25. Ruslan – Lion
  26. Viktor – Conqueror
  27. Fedor – God’s gift
  28. Kubik – Little cube
  29. Maxim – The greatest
  30. Yaroslav – Bright fame, glory
  31. Mikhail – Who is like God
  32. Misha – Little bear
  33. Nikita – Victor
  34. Pavel – Small
  35. Rodion – Song of the hero
  36. Buka – Surly
  37. Semyon – Listening
  38. Yurik – Farmer
  39. Lizun – Smooch
  40. Gleb – Heir of god
  41. Zver – Beast
  42. Sharik – Little ball
  43. Sergei – Protector
  44. Valentin – Strong, healthy
  45. Zigfrids – Victory, peace

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Russian Dog Names Inspired by Famous Russians

Russia has been the birthplace of scores of authors, musicians, politicians, and athletes. It is a perfect idea to name your pup after one of them. Choose your favorite Russian puppy name, or pick the activity you love the most!   

  1. Gorbachev – former President of the Soviet Union. A scary Russian name for your alpha dog. 
  2. Stalin – former leader of the Soviet Union. Just the name for a pupper with a dynamic personality. 
  3. Vladimir – the first name of Lenin and current President Putin. A powerful name for a boy who’s a leader. 
  4. Yuri Gagarin – pilot and cosmonaut who was the first human in space. The best name for your little adventurer! 
  5. Sharapova – Maria Sharapova is a former professional tennis player. This one hits the spot if you have an over-active pup! 
  6. Leo Tolstoy – Russian writer, most known for War and Peace. A good name for your intelligent dog! 
  7. Pyotr Tchaikovsky – composer of Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. Just the name for a music-loving pooch. 
  8. Rasputin – a legendary holy man and mystic. It’s a great manly Russian name for your brave fuzzy friend. 
  9. Adelina Sotnikova – an Olympic champion figure skating champion. Perfect for a graceful girl pup.   

Russian Words

The Russian language is a beautiful one. Lots of Russian words can become unique names for all puppers. Check out this list of some of our favorite cute Russian dog names. Haven’t you always wanted a dog named Hedgehog? 

  1. Sobaka – Dog
  2. Bolshoi – Large
  3. Molodaya Zenchina – Translates to “young woman. ”
  4. Mechta – Dream
  5. Kukla – Doll
  6. Sputnik – Satellite
  7. Schenok – Puppy
  8. Yozhik – Hedgehog

Dog Names Based on Famous Russian Places

Russia is the largest country in the world and has lots of interesting geographies. From the capital city to deep lakes and resorts, there is sure to be a name for your Russian doggo.    

  1. Sochi – a summer beach resort city on the Black Sea. Just the name for a pup with a sunny personality. 
  2. Elbrus – the highest mountain peak in Russia. Perfect for a mountain of a dog like a Mastiff or Great Dane. 
  3. Kremlin – loosely, the government of Russia. Great for a dog who protects his home. 
  4. Moscow – the capital city of Russia. A grand name for a pooch with a huge personality. 
  5. Baikal – an ancient lake that is the world’s clearest and deepest. The ideal name for a dog who loves the water. 
  6. Petersburg – a Baltic port city and Russia’s cultural center. A name for a cultured puppy. 
  7. Siberia – geographic area of northern Russia known for long, hard winters. Give this name to your winter-loving pup! 
  8. Vladivostok – a Pacific port city close to China and North Korea. Great for your little adventurer. 
  9. Irkutsk – one of the largest cities in Siberia. A great option for a beautiful Russian boy Siberian Husky or Samoyed. 
  10. Kazan – the capital of Tatarstan. An exotic choice for a lesser-known breed. 
  11. Moskva – a river in western Russia. The best name for a Russian dog girl! 
  12. Altay – a mountain range joining Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. Another good name for a mixed breed pup.

Russian Dog Names Based on Food

Delicious food is a Russian hallmark! The cuisine may not be what you’re used to, but different is good. And some of these fabulous dishes will make perfect names for your pampered pup!   

  1. Borscht – a red beet soup. A good choice for a red-coated dog like the Laika. 
  2. Shchi – easy-to-prepare, versatile cabbage soup. A perfect name for a mixed-breed pup.
  3. Solyanka – a sour soup made with pickled cucumbers and brine. A fun name for a stand-offish doggo.  
  4. Blini – small wheat-flour pancakes eaten with sweet or savory toppings. A great idea for a little dog. 
  5. Ikra – also known as “poor man’s caviar,” ikra is a simple eggplant dip. Perhaps a name for a rescue dog?
  6. Vodka – clear, distilled alcohol. This is a strong Russian dog name for a female Pit Bull. 
  7. Pashka – fruit and egg custard with cream cheese. A sweet name for your sweet little German Shepherd! 
  8. Shashlyk – cubes of skewered grilled meat. A funny choice for a tiny dog with a big personality!   

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Finding ideas for pet names can be overwhelming. Our Russian dog names list will help you find the perfect one. You can’t go wrong with popular Russian dog names!

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:


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