6 Best Squirrel Dog Toys to Make Your Pup’s Day

A squirrel dog toy is a favorite for lots of dogs. After all, seeing a real live squirrel on their walk or outside the window is cause for much excitement! But now you can give your pup hours of fun, training, and bonding with one of these squeaky friends. We picked all the products on our list for their ability to withstand dogs who chew, tug, and pounce. They’ll give you a “high paw” for being a great pet parent!

1. Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Tree TrunkBuy it here

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Tree Trunk

Price Point: $$.$$$

Stimulate your furry friends’ active brain with dog puzzle toys! These puzzles are great for challenging your pup’s problem-solving skills.

Additionally, they help with boredom when you have to be away. Hunting and retrieving breeds can even hone those important skills with the Outward Hound tree.

They’ll love playing games of hide and squeak with this unique hiding log with plush animals.

Go ahead and get your pup this mentally stimulating puzzle. Every breed, from pugs to German Shepherds, go crazy for it! Dog owners can use the empty trunk as a pull toy for hours of interactive play. Or simply hide the critters in the tree trunk and watch your dog entertain itself.

This hide-a-stuffie is not for aggressive chewers. The creatures have tiny arms, ears, and tails that come off with mild-to-moderate chewing. These pose a health risk if swallowed.

2. Frisco Fur Really Real Squirrel Squeaking ToyBuy it here

Frisco Fur Really Real Squirrel Squeaking Toy - Squirrel Dog Toy

Price Point: $.$$$

Wow your pups with these realistic squirrel stuffed animals. These cute critters will no doubt become your pooch’s favorite toy.

Pull this out for hours of interactive fun playing tug and fetch. Frisco’s offering is great for a young dog’s social and emotional development.

If you have an older dog, they’ll love snuggling up for a good nap with their fuzzy friend!

Every breed of dog of any age loves this toy. Make your canine happy every time you toss this little squirrel for playtime. These plushies have a squeaker, so be ready for noisy fun! Owners and pups both highly recommend the Frisco plush for hours of bonding and play. So run, don’t walk, to get this stuffie!

One owner complained that Frisco Squirrel had an overwhelming chemical smell. Moreover, others noted that the tail comes apart and hair comes off, posing a choking risk.

3. ‘Sebastian’ Plush Squirrel Dog Toy With Squeaker  Buy it here

‘Sebastian’ Plush Squirrel Dog Toy With Squeaker

Price Point: $$.$$$

This stuffed dog squeaky toy has a lot of unique features that have earned it top ratings from pet parents!

The giant size and soft natural-colored fur mimic a real animal. If your pet goes wild any time they see one, this will thrill them!

The squeaky sound is highly realistic. So go ahead and treat your pooch to a stuffie that’s almost as good as the real deal.

Even the most indestructible dog toys can’t stand up to tough, hard chewers. The Sebastian plush is exceedingly well-made, purposely designed to be lifelike but unable to withstand harsh treatment. This option would be great for teaching your Golden retriever or other working dogs to have a soft mouth. The two squeakers are not too loud, either.

Some dog owners complain that this squirrel is not durable for rough play or aggressive chewing. If your dog loves to pounce on and “kill” their stuffies, go with a different choice. 

4. SPOT Squirrel Grunt Puppy ToyBuy it here

SPOT Squirrel Grunt Puppy Toy - Squirrel Dog Toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

Keep your energetic pup entertained all day with this adorable soft friend.

This realistic stuffed animal has a fluffy, easy-care exterior for cleaning, assuming you can pry it away from your dog. It doesn’t just have one squeaker. No, it has two for double the fun!

Use this stuffie to give your canine interactive playtime and watch your bond grow. Ultimately, you’ll both love it!

This cute plush is a favorite of dogs and owners alike. SPOT actually has several different animals available, including a hedgehog dog toy and a possum! Whichever you choose for your furry friends, they are sure to love it. They can play and chew to their heart’s content, and you can rest assured that the toy is safe.

Many customers stated that their enthusiastic pup easily tore apart this squeaker. Besides the stuffing mess, watch out for the squeaker. It can be a health hazard if swallowed. 

5. Best Pet Squirrel Unstuffed Plush ToyBuy it here

Best Pet Squirrel Unstuffed Plush Toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

This cool, cute 2-in-1 plush will fast become your dog’s favorite toy! It has squeakers in the head and tail, but that is not the best part.

Since it doesn’t have stuffing, the body is essentially hollow. For a treat, put an empty plastic bottle in the middle and watch your pup go to town!

Your pooch will love the crinkly, crunchy sound combined with the squeaking.

The Best Pet lifelike squirrel is a stuffing-free miracle of toy-making. This cute flat plush is great as is for dogs who like to pull and play tug of war. However, if your pup prefers to chew, keep them occupied by putting a plastic bottle in the body. They can crunch and chomp as much as they want.

Some owners report that this plushie is dangerous. It comes apart easily under very little attention, and the plastic squeaker can be a choking or ingestion hazard.

6. KONG Woodland Squeaky SquirrelBuy it here

KONG Woodland Squeaky Squirrel - Squirrel Dog Toy

Price Point: $$.$$$

KONG is known for high-quality materials that are durable, and this toy squirrel for dogs is no exception.

This burlap-covered item stands up fabulously to pets who love to chew and tug.

If your pooch prefers playing fetch or having you toss stuffies for them to chase, don’t worry. They’ll love this squeaky buddy, too.

This is a versatile plaything that will entertain your furry friend for hours on end.

Large dogs like Golden retrievers and Border collies are fans of the squeaky squirrel dog toy. But every little dog loves it, too. That is because it is a really great multi-purpose object. Your pup will enjoy tug of war, fetch, and more. Interactive play with your fuzzy kid is fundamental for their growth and development.

This stuffie is not for tough chewers or dogs who abuse their plushies. Despite the tough burlap material, owners of multiple dog breeds complain that this critter comes apart quickly.

You want the best for your dog, so get them high-quality playthings. Every item listed here is known for being safe in addition to fun. So go ahead and spoil your pup with new friends they’ll love! Any one of these squirrel plushes is an excellent choice. Get one or more and let your canine buddy get their playtime on!

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