The 40+ Ultimate Star Wars Dog Names

If you are a Star Wars fan with a new pooch, you must consider some Star Wars dog names. Your furry friend is no Buddy or Rover. They deserve a clever name. What could be better for a Star Wars-loving family pet than a Star Wars-themed name? Below, you will find the best Star Wars-themed dog names in the galaxy.

Many of these names are unique, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

Good Star Wars Dog Names

  1. Yoda – To kickstart this list of awesome Star Wars names for dogs, we have the iconic “Yoda.” Every good Star Wars fan is familiar with this character. It would be such an honor for your puppy to be a namesake of the celebrated Jedi Grandmaster. “Yoda,” your puppy could be named. 
  2. Lando – Do you have a sneaky little pup who seems always to be getting into trouble? Then, why not name them after Han Solo’s mischief-making friend, Lando? Lando is a sly smuggler and gambler who helps lead the Resistance. That makes it the best name for your adorable little male scoundrel!
  3. Jango – Are you working on building your own K9 pack? Then, Jango is the best name for your clever first canine companion. Start your beloved pack with the pup named after the Mandolarian origin. You can use any number of these other dog names from Star Wars for his puppy clones. 
  4. Obi – The beloved Star Wars character, Obi-Wan Kenobi, is the perfect inspiration for your Star Wars dog. “Obi” is a cool Jedi name for your pooch. They may not be a Jedi Master nor a member of the Jedi Council. However, they could still be the cutest “Obi” on the block.
  5. Poe – Is your Star Wars puppy a proud member of the Resistance? Are they a rebel like X-wing fighter pilot Poe? Then, you should name them after beloved character and expert pilot Poe Dameron. As the best aviator in the Star Wars galaxy, Poe’s a great character to be named after.
  6. Wicket – Looking for Ewok names for dogs? Although he is a relatively obscure character, Wicket is one of the most endearing Star Wars Ewok names. And despite his obscurity, Wicket looks the most like a furry friend. It would be the perfect name for your favorite pug Ewok.   
  7. Wedge – Like your canine pal is your partner in crime, Wedge is Luke Skywalker’s best sidekick. He is a loyal, steadfast friend. Let this starfighter pilot and trusty companion be the inspiration for your Star-Wars-themed dog name. Together, you can tackle the Death Star, the dog park, or anything!
  8. Boba – To add to this list of adorable Star Wars names for pets, we have the bounty hunter, Boba. Of the Star Wars dark side names, Boba is by far the cutest. If your pup has an adorable yet feisty vibe, name them after this dark side Mandalorian bounty hunter.  
  9. R2 (Artoo) – Beep, boop, beep! You could also take inspiration from one of the most iconic Star Wars characters, R2-D2. Name your Star Wars pet “R2,’ which is pronounced “Artoo.” Your little R2 may not be a droid. However, they are certainly as much of a lovable, loyal companion as R2-D2 is. 
  10. BB – “BB” is already a lovely name for a dog, but the Star Wars context makes it even cuter. For a Star Wars chihuahua, this droid’s name would be absolutely perfect. Your pooch will be your loyal sidekick. They will even be the BB-8 to your Poe. 

Female Star Wars Dog Names

  1. Leia – When searching for Star Wars girl names for dogs, Leia, the leader of the Resistance, is the obvious choice. Your puppy deserves only the best of the girl names from Star Wars. After all, she is, without a doubt, your little princess. So, name her after the Princess of Alderaan!   
  2. Padmé – Are you looking to name your female pet after Star Wars royalty? Maybe you want something a little less common than Leia. Then, consider Padmé, the queen then-Senator of Naboo and the mother of Luke and Leia. She is the perfect royal inspiration for your female Star Wars dog’s name.
  3. Rey – Rey hails from the planet Jakku, which is the backdrop for the resourceful heroine’s humble backstory. She diligently trained to become a Jedi and fought bravely alongside Luke Skywalker. However, she grew up as a scrappy orphan. This Jedi female name is fitting for your scruffy little rescue pooch. 
  4. Amilyn – Are you looking for dope girl dog names? If your puppy is a little bit of an oddball, Amilyn is a great name choice. Amilyn is Leia’s faithful friend. She is quirky and a little bit of a hippy, but she is also loyal, just like your pup.

Star Wars Location-Based Dog Names

  1. Yavin – Do you have a golden-colored pet? Then, Yavin, the orange gas planet, is the perfect inspiration for their name.
  2. Tatooine – A list of Star Wars-inspired dog names wouldn’t be complete without Tatooine, the home of Luke and Anakin.
  3. Hoth – If you have a Bichon or another kind of white dog, Hoth, an ice planet, would be a clever name!
  4. Endor – Although you probably don’t have a blue dog, your little Ewok could be named after this blue planet. 
  5. Eisley – Do you have a mischievous pup? Then, Eisley, the name of the shady spaceport town, is perfect. 
  6. D’Qar – D’Qar, the base of the Resistance for Leia, would be an awesome quirky name for your pooch.
  7. Coruscant – This urban city-dominant planet would be the best inspiration for a city-dwelling dog.
  8. Dagobah – If you live somewhere with a humid climate, Dagobah would be a fitting name for your canine.
  9. Alderaan – Alderaan, the home planet of Leia, is a perfect name for pet owners who love the princess.
  10. Naboo – Naboo, the home planet of the beloved character Jar Jar Binks, would serve as a super cute pet name.

Other Star Wars Dog Names

  1. Wampa – If your dog’s tiny and white, the name of a massive snow monster would be the best ironic monicker.
  2. Sith – When considering Star Wars names for pets, you must also consider a dark side name, like Sith.
  3. Jedi – Express your commitment to peace in the galaxy by naming your pup after the good guys.
  4. Beru – The heroic Luke Skywalker’s aunt and guardian, Beru, is another great inspiration for female dog names.
  5. Bantha – If you have a Star Wars dog that is big and fluffy, Bantha would be a perfectly suitable name.
  6. Wookie – Name your puppy after the Wookies. These smart and loyal creatures are just like your best canine companion.
  7. Falcon – The Millenium Falcon is an iconic starship any Star Wars fan would recognize. Shortened to Falcon, it’s the perfect name. 
  8. Jawa – Maybe your own hound is a scavenger like the Jawa. So, Jawa could be a very appropriate name.

Other Dog Names Ideas

If you still want more dog-naming inspiration lists, you should consider watching cartoons, historical documentaries, and TV too. In case you just can’t make up your mind, ask your loved ones for help. Or you may want to read some related posts for your best decision:

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