101+ Swedish Dog Names for your Puppy and Their Meanings

Dog owners can adopt Swedish dog names for their furry friends whether they are of Swedish heritage or not. This is an exciting way to learn something new about foreign cultures. In this article, you’ll find a list of popular and less common names for your male and female pets. You won’t go wrong with any of them!

Cute Swedish Names for Your Pup

If you’re looking for Swedish dog names and meanings, you’ll love the names we gathered below! They are ideal for dog lovers who enjoy foreign movies with their families.

1. Bebis

If you see your Scandinavian dogs as your babies, then Bebis is ideal for your little ones! 

2. Pumpa

Pumpa means “pumpkin” and is a great name for dog owners with cute furry golden brown puppies

3. Käraste

Käraste, meaning “dearest,” is an ideal name for a calm and sweet puppy. Everyone will love it! 

4. Jycke

If you are looking for the Swedish word for “pooch,” Jycke is an excellent choice.  

5. Hund

Hund is another cool name for dogs in Swedish. It is pretty easy to remember. 

6. Katt

Katt, which is Swedish for “cat,” is a funny name for pups who enjoy playing with kittens. 

7. Valp

Valp is a cute and sweet Swedish translation for a male or female young puppy.

Male Swedish Dog Names

Did you recently adopt a male pup? The next step is to find a sweet name that matches your furry friend’s personality. Below is a list of funny boy names for Swedish and non-Swedish dogs.

1. August

2. Alfred

3. Benkt

4. Agaton

5. Björn

6. Filip

7. Frank

8. Edvin

9. Gustav

10. Isak

11. Johan

12. Ludvig

13. Rikard

14. Thor

15. Matteo

16. Leon

17. Sigge

18. Vilgot

19. Sven

20. Ulf

21. Oskar

22. Lars

23. Alf

24. Greger

25. Fisk

26. Halsten

27. Halvar

28. Gjord

29. Ture

30. Elias

Female Swedish Dog Names

When looking for a female dog name, it’s important to find one that suits your little friend. It’s best to avoid using common themes and instead go for exciting ones, as shown below.

1. Birgitta

2. Dagny

3. Annika

4. Anja

5. Carina

6. Emelie

7. Elin

8. Henrika

9. Freja

10. Ingrid

11. Klara

12. Hilda

13. Linnea

14. Majken

15. Ragna

16. Lisbeth

17. Nova

18. Lovisa

19. Svea

20. Tilde

21. Pernilla

22. Wilma

23. Ebba

24. Brita

25. Eva

26. Anneli

27. Agda

28. Asta

29. Sigrid

30. Stina

Swedish Dog Names

Swedish Dog Names Inspired by Locations

It’s crucial to find the right inspiration to name your pets, especially if you got them from another country. So here are great Swedish pet names to remind you of popular Swedish towns. 

1. Gothenburg

Is your puppy bigger than the siblings? Why don’t you name them after the second-largest Swedish city – Gothenburg? 

2. Fjord

If your four-legged friends were born near the sea or large water bodies, Fjord is a suitable name for them! 

3. Vasa

Vasa is a cute Swedish name for dog lovers who enjoy visiting museums and other historical sites. 

4. Stockholm

Stockholm is a perfect name for a large male or female dog breed, e.g., Labrador retrievers and German shepherds.  

5. Malmö

Malmö is an ideal Swedish dog name for male and female pups born in a seaside town. 


If you are looking for funny Swedish names for your pets, IKEA is a sure win! 

7. Boden

Boden is one of the unique names you will find on the Swedish town name generator.  

Swedish Dog Names Based on Food

Most dog lovers like to name their pets after things they enjoy and love, i.e., food, films, famous cities, etc. Below are nine Scandinavian dishes you can use. 

1. Knäckebröd

2. Köttbullar

3. Glögg

4. Meatball

5. Raggmunk

6. Våfflor

7. Semla

8. Lingonberry

9. Palt

Most Common Swedish Dog Names

If you’re relocating or traveling to Northern Europe, you should consider these Nordic female dog names for your girl pets. Below is a list of popular Swedish names to help you out! 

1. Svens

Svens, which means “young”, is a cool Swedish dog name for male Labrador puppies. 

2. Blix

Is your adopted dog always happy? Then, Blix, Swedish for “joy,” is ideal. 

3. Baltasar

Baltasar, which means “protected by God,” is a unique name for spiritual dog owners. 

4. Astra

Another name for spiritual dog lovers is Astra, which means “divine beauty.” 

5. Bjorn

Bjorn, the Swedish translation for “bear,” is a common name for big, cuddly dogs. 

6. Gunner

Gunner, which means “battle strong,” is the perfect Swedish male dog name for playful pups. 

7. Roffe

If your Scandinavian dog looks like a wolf, Roffe is the ideal name for him! 

8. Birger

Birger, which means helper, is a cute Nordic name for a sweet and helpful dog. 

9. Atalie

You should consider calling your adopted white dog Atalie because it means “pure.” 

10. Frans

Frans, which means “free,” is an appropriate name for Vallhunds who enjoy running freely.

Naming your unique dog breeds using Scandinavian names is a creative way of respecting their heritage. Now that you know the Swedish word for dog, you can decide what Swedish names for dogs you like best. Soon enough, even your friends and family will learn how to say dog in Swedish.

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