15 Adorable Yorkie Gifts for Your Favorite Yorkshire Terrier Parent

Show how much you care with the most special Yorkie gifts anyone can imagine. The Yorkshire terrier is a breed with a huge personality. If you’ve ever been around this four-legged friend, you’ll understand the joy that comes from their little yelps.

Celebrate the excellent company these animals bring with this list of gifts for a Yorkie lover. Each of these presents announces to the world what a lovely thing it is to be a dog parent. From cool dog-themed accessories to beautiful wall hangings to chic bags, we’ve got them all right here. Don’t wait, surprise your special someone today!

1. Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life Custom Canvas Print

Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life Custom Canvas Print

Our lives are nothing without the loving pets that welcome us home every single day. Thinking about Yorkshire terrier gifts to make a dog feel like part of the family? Then gather some photos and put together the sweetest print ever.

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2. Dog and Owner Desktop Plaque

Dog and Owner Desktop Plaque

What’s the coolest Yorkie merchandise you can get for a pet parent? If you have a nice photo lying around, make it into a unique gift. This plaque will beautify anyone’s workspace and is the ideal way to celebrate a wonderful friendship!

3. Happy Pawlidays Custom Ornament

Happy Pawlidays Custom Ornament

Celebrate the holiday season with one of the cutest Yorkshire terrier collectibles. It’s the best time of the year for our furry friends. The tree is going to look extra amazing with this gift, just you see! Everyone loves a good pun – even pets!

4. Dear Dad, Thanks For All The Belly Rubs Coffee Mug

Dear Dad, Thanks For All The Belly Rubs Coffee Mug

A man who treats his animals right deserves an award. If you don’t have a trophy on hand, a mug will do just the trick. Here’s a Yorkie gift for him to make morning coffee the most enjoyable drink of the day!

5. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Want to make a dining table look fantastic with some animal-themed shakers? Food will never taste the same again with these cute condiment holders. They’re the best gifts for a Yorkie lover who knows how to enjoy a good meal! 

6. Yorkie-opoly


Gather the family and friends together for a game night session they’ll never forget. This modern twist on the traditional board game will bring out everyone’s competitive side. It’s one of the best gifts for the Yorkie lover in your life!

7. Yorkshire Terrier Necklace and Earrings Set

Yorkshire Terrier Necklace and Earrings Set

If there’s anything a dog mom loves, it’s her pet and jewelry. When you’re hunting for Yorkie gifts for her, you can never go wrong with this combination. This set will dress up any outfit of hers and give her all the attention she deserves!

8. Socks

Yorkshire Terrier Socks

Keep a loved one’s feet warm and comfy with a pair or two of these cute socks. Wearing such Yorkshire terrier accessories is like an announcement to the world of how amazing dogs are. Plus, how fun are those bright colors?

9. Dog Memorial Custom Pillow

Dog Memorial Custom Pillow - Yorkie Gifts

If you’re wondering what to get a friend whose dog died, a personalized pillow is a great idea. A few minutes of hugging this present will give them so much pleasure. They’ll love unique Yorkie gifts that keep the memories alive in their hearts.

10. “Yorkie Mom” Tote Bag

“Yorkie Mom” Tote Bag

Pet owners deserve some recognition on Mother’s Day, too. The love they shower their canines is undoubtedly second to none, and this Yorkie mom gift shows it. It’s a bag that will make trips to the market, coffee shop, and park the happiest ever!

11. “Just Yorkie” 2022 Wall Calendar

“Just Yorkie” 2022 Wall Calendar

With this wall calendar around, every month will come with some doggy goodness. This cute Yorkie gift will prove to everyone that dogs make the most adorable models. Marking special events is going to be someone’s new favorite thing to do.

12. Eyeglass Holder

Eyeglass Holder - Yorkie Gifts

It’s so much fun looking for things to buy for a Yorkie puppy. But what’s even more exciting is incorporating this pet in everyday items. Take this gift, for example. There’s never been a better and cuter holder to place a pair of glasses!

13. I Love My Yorkie Decal Sticker

I Love My Yorkie Decal Sticker - Yorkie Gifts

Are you searching for some awesome gifts for Yorkie lovers? If you know people who will be happy to brand themselves as pet parents, this is the present for them! Slapping this sticker on any surface is a pleasure in and of itself.

14. Dog Handbag

Dog Handbag

Aren’t Yorkie-themed gifts like this fabulous purse the best? It’s the perfect item to carry around the town. The makers of this fashion statement have one thing in mind – to spread joy! Offer this handbag to your favorite person today!

15. A Little Dog Gonna Love You Custom Blanket

A Little Dog Gonna Love You Custom Blanket - Yorkie Gifts

Isn’t it just wonderful how puppies make us all feel so warm and fuzzy inside? With this blanket lying around, that feeling won’t ever go away. As far as personalized gifts for Yorkie lovers go, this ranks high on the list!

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